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grow more serious. >> after last night's storm we'll so you spots with crews making emergency repairs. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7. >> it's the day after christmas, wednesday, december 26. i'm ken wayne. this is bay area news at 7. our top stories stories tonight. involve george h.w. bush. a spokesman says a stubborn fever that kept the father or motherrer president in the hospital over christmas has gotten worse and is now on a liquids only diet. >> they don't keep you in the icu because things are going. we hope the treatments will turn things around. >> he originally went to the
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hospital more than a month ago with a bronchitis,-like cough. know eale walker is live in san francisco and trains running on time. >> reporter: ken a train just pulled into a station here right on time with the evening community. but they where are central balling earlier to fix a glib that derailed the morning community. when a train is coming, there's nothing to do but wait for it to pass. this morning passengers were just waiting for it to arrive. >> there was a problem with our switches that allowed the trains to move out onto the tracks. to respond to that we had to send out signal maintainers to physically move the switchers back and forth to allow the
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trains o operate. >> trains waited for clearance for over 1 hour and 45 minutes. left people waiting in the rain. >> one, two, three, four. i had no idea what was happening. nobody. >> reporter: how long did can you have to wait? >> maybe one hour. >> reporter: the problem started at 5:00 a.m. the twitter feed let them know there were delays and cancellation and even few tweets aroll geist. >> it was only five minutes late for us. >> you got luck you. >> yes, we did. >> reporter: fortunately this is a holiday week for most people. today riders was less than half the people of 50,000 passengers. >> a lot of people probably didn't care. >> those who were late this morning should be home in time
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for dinner. >> reporter: the train had a skeleton staff working for the holiday today and that slows things up a little bit but they were able to make the switch without a hitch. reporting live ktvu channel 2 news. >> now to the east bay. it has reopened during a two- car crash that killed a mm woman and her dog. the investigators shut down the road for several hours. you can see the severely damaged vehicles in this video. the victim is only identified as a female from richmond. the highway patrol says a 20- year-old man driving an suv crossed the centerren line and hit the woman's car head on. >> the bay area sense rain showers again today but the stormy weather has tapered off
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and moveed east. weather says the next rain is expected friday night an saturday. , however, it is not forecast to be as heavy as we seen in the past few days. a lot of people are still dealing with storm damage. kara went looking for trouble spots today and they were easy to find. >> just shocked because i didn't hear anything at all. >> reporter: a rude awakening the morning after a rainy christmas night. >> i was coming out here to dump the garbage and this was the first thing i saw. >> reporter: her neighbor's tree came top ling down into here yard. burried beneath it all is her white car. >> last nights storm and this morning's rain flooded roadways. call tran's shut down one lane
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near the exit. crews say potholes were nearly a foot deep. >> an older section of the highway. and it's it's been in need of some work for a long time. >> reporter: in order to get the work down call tran was forced to shut down one lane here on highway 4. the repairs took about two hours and backed up traffic. >> if you get a break from stormy weather then you try to go in and do some long-term repair. >> reporter: and in san francisco channel 2 news was overhead. you can see cones and cars driving through a substantial amount of water. >> now to the sierra where drivers are struggling to get on their chains and get there heavy traffic. up to 5 feet of new snow. the snow is wet and heavy.
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the traffic on interstate eu8 was stalled. >> it was pretty bad because my mother-in-law lives in roseville. >> tonight highway ll patrol is requiring chains on all vehicles without 4 wheel drive. a winter storm warning is in effect florida 11:00 p.m. you can find live radar images on our website >> shoppers return to the stores today of a less than are bust holiday shopping season. post christmas sales. the international council of shopping centers says the week between christmas ennew years can bring in as much as 15% of holiday sales. when they show up to exchange gifts they spend far more than the value of the gifts of the
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cards. >> a lot of the sales kick off on christmas eve. we expect to see a lot of holiday shopping to continue through the weekend. >> national retailers federation said holiday sales represented almost 20% of total retail industry sales last year. on wall street disappoint sent stocks lower. the nasdaq about 22 on this afternoon after christmas. a 66 year woman ended up dead today near a complex this morning in a landscaping pond at 3200 wood lake drive. they interviewed her family and neighbors. they do not suspect foul play. police say a 43-year-old woman stabbed four of her
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family members in an argue on christmas night. range in age from 16-30. several were treated at a hospital for non-list threatening wounds. it followed an argue. the wait a moment under arrest is identified the tiffany thomas. with remine behind bars for the time being. a judge today orders 23-year- old held in lieu of $2 million bail. police say she was drunk when she hit 4 pedestrians last thursday. >> the entire family is destroyed by what happened and i think it's fair to say that their main concern is for the other families. >> her lawyer says she's never been in it trouble and just a
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quarter short from graduating from college. >> the city of hay ward is considering changes. but the effect on parking has business owners concerned. the proposal would make a street and mission blstled one way through hay wards's downtown but eliminate up to half of the current parking spots. they would better handle traffic between interstate i- 80. a beloved is closing down this week bringing an end to a 35 year tradition. it has to go to make way for higher education. >> reporter: three generations order lunch maybe for the last time year. >> always order the number 24 and i still do.
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>> it opened in 1977 will serve it's last meal december 29th. >> long time customers are sighing good-bye to the owner. >> it's going to be sad to see them go. >> for a new building they will demolish the restaurant. >> with it's numbered menu, handwritten orders and nothing over $9 disappear. >> he has spent most of his life in the restaurant. now as customers clamber more him to find a new location, he says he's not so sure. >> no plans yet. but maybe to take a little break. >> reporter: many fans have
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eaten here since childhood. >> this is the west guy in the world. >> reporter: so how to succeed for 35 years? >> very hard hard working people and we care about people. i think that's what it is. >> reporter: that and a good burrito. >> going over the fiscal cliff. raising taxes on us. lowlowering on corporations. plus a special delivery on christmas day. the bay area family that unexpectly had to do it themselves. >> and back here in just a few minutes. and then more showers. we'll see you back here. hey, look! a shooting star!
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it's a noisy job but crews are up to the task. many people need to dispose of their tree. free curb side collection will be offered january 2 through the 15 15th on regular trash days. they turn trees into chips that will be converted into boiler fuel. an arrest in a three month old homicide case. was found shot to death at the bay point housing development called shore acres. they say they arrested 18-year- old daniel on saturday as they tried to escape from a home. testifies being held on $2 million bail. >> home prices are higher than a year ago and that's good news according to economic experts. price reports show average home
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prices in the 20 largest u.s. marketing were up 40%. they are up even more jumping 8.9%. experts say higher prices are an indicator of economic recover. the president on congress only have a few kays left to avoid the fiscal cliff. the stakes are high but there's still ou mitch. >> the capitol is as dreary as the washington weather. negotiation ors and the president are back to work. >> at the very least, let's agree on what we already agree on. an olive branch to the gop including the bay area's google and apple now suggesting cutting corporate tax rates. they are among the world's highest. avoid $2 billion in taxs last
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year. >> corporations are a little little --ed because they're not sure the extent to which they would be eliminated. >> he is optimistic about a deal. what seems ncdly likely according to congressional staffers i talked with today is to allow the country to go over that fiscal cliff. that would allow hard lying republicans to have lower taxes. >> to apiece voters. great. >> so called it low form of chay in an begans. >> i think it would be horrible. i think i don't think it's fair to the american people. >> with 2 million people on the verge of losing their unemployment benefits, there are too many lives at stake if
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we don't get it before the end of the year. >> the ceo of star, bucks is sending a message. writing come together on the coffee cups they serve on thursday and friday. urging a compromise on fiscal cliff negotiations. the city of san francisco may pay employees to stay healthy. a group of government employees consider to be the healthiest. of that group, two-thirds were overweight. now city leaders in san francisco are considering a plan to give direct incentives to employees for being healthy. it would save the city money in the long run. >> a request for a waiver of the no child left behind law. the goals are unreelistic and
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flawed. to evaluate teachers based on their student's test scores. so far 33 states and the terrific of columbia have received waivers. >> officials in newtown, connecticut say they plan to regular us nate a herm inia them northerly. the moe men toes will stay up it will inform new years. to pay respects. a white christmas across the nation came with a high price. mother nature is being blamed for six deaths in many states. tornados death mates communities in the south on christmas day. this is video from alabama where more than 20 tornados his yesterday. they knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of homes in arkansas.
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snow covered roads are making treacherous driving conditions conditions across the midwest. hundreds of flighting will be delayed or canceled today. they will deteriorate into the evening. >> and christmas dinner on the table when a san jose family received an early gift last night. it was dad, not santa delivering this tiny package. >> it was a gift the heymings were not expecting this christmas. >> i was due early january but i figured midjanuary. >> it the trouble wasn't that he was early it was thats he's fast. there wasn't time for help to arrive. >> i thought that there was
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that somebody able to cocome but they couldn't. >> when they pulled up they were met by a proud papa instead. the labor had just taken 35 minutes. >> he said the babe's here and i heard a scream. >> the baby was perfectly healthy and by all accounts he dad had done a good job delivering him. >> he only told me afterwards that he was getting nervous there. >> they still can't quite believe what happened. : we did it, we did! >> the only trouble was that christmas dinner was delayed and gifts were left unopened. they wouldn't have traded this gift for anything. >> up next the big detour on a phoenix, california highway. plus the ethnic celebration
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that's just getting started. >> plus the rain gets a reprieve. how long will it last? you're forecast for tomorrow and the rest of the week. and if you're on the go you can still watch ktvu news on you're smartphone, ipad. just get the app at [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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anyone planning a seenic drive on highway 1 be advised. the road remains closed tonight because of the falling rocks. it will liking take several more days before repairs are completed. if you are taking a seenic drive, bill, you won't have to turn on the windshield wipers for a long time. >> things are backing down. winter storm warnings stay in effect. let's take a look at what's going on. you see more clouds out there. and here's what's left of the showers and that wide area up around highway 50. those are the snow showers that are left. the going was very, very slow. there's another weather system off shore that's going to impact us but not until friday night into saturday. tomorrow is a pretty nice day.
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but it will be cool tonight. lows will be up in the upper 30s. really friday afternoon it looks like friday night into saturday morning. it looks like a nonevent at least for you. if you're traveling, a lot of folks will be traveling in and out of the valley. late tomorrow night early tomorrow morning it will be fog. it's a drag. if you're going somewhere and you have to be g there at 7, or # or 9 in the morning. it's going to be a hindrance. , so thursday is not a bad day. friday is the day where things deteriorate but mostly friday and the showers start late in the today. most of the day has gone by. the forecast for tomorrow morning is the fog.
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thursday afternoon that looks good, right. friday morning clouds start to increase. friday afternoon more clouds and then here are the showers. look at how broken up it is. and midnight on saturday morning. showers start to go off and as we head into 4:00 a.m. little bit of scattered showers after that. >> we have a lot of rain to talk about. all the way we've gotten in the percentages considering last time year this time. >> all right thank you, bill. today marks the first day of the 7-day celebration of can za. at bay area discovery mew that was a day-long festival to mark the holiday. discussions on the cri jags of
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the african-american celebration. each night of can za celebrates a different principal. thank you, for trusting ktvu news. or coverage continues with the 10:00 news. we'll tell you all about it live from the south bay, we'll see you at 10.
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